Oil Well Cement Additives

Chemteck Oil Well Cement additives are used during the course of and after the drilling function, when Oil & Gas Well casing must be cemented into the well bore. Chemteck offers an assortment of additives that modify the cement slurry properties to allow pumping service companies to design a cement system for each individual well program.


Oil Gas Well Cement Additives function:
Sealing and isolating the producing formation.
Protecting the casing from burst, collapse, drilling shock and corrosive fluid.
Maintaining control of the well.
Repairing of casing and for zone abandonment.
Drilling Trajectory change.

Chemteck cementing additives include:

  • Accelerators
  • Anti-settling Agent
  • Chemical Washes
  • Defoamer
  • Dispersants
  • Expanding Additive
  • Extender
  • Fluid loss control additives
  • Free Water Control Additives
  • Foaming Agent
  • Gas Migration Control & Bonding Additives
  • Lost-Circulation Material
  • Retarder

Hydraulic Fracturing Additives

Hydraulic fracturing refers to the procedure of creating fractures in rocks and rock formations by injecting a mixture of sand, water and chemicals.

The technique of hydraulic fracturing is used to initiate, increase or restore the rate at which hydrocarbons, such as oil, gas or water, can be produced from a reservoir. The fracture provides a conductive path connecting a larger area of the reservoir to the well, thereby increasing the area from which hydrocarbons are produced.

Chemteck offers numerous fracturing additives that modify the fracturing fluid properties to allow pumping service companies to design a fracturing fluid system for each individual well program.


Oil & Gas fracturing additives include:

  • Biocides
  • Buffers
  • Clay Stabilizers
  • Defoamers/Anti-Foamers
  • Diverting Agents
  • Fluid Loss Additives
  • Foaming Agents
  • Friction Reducers
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Paraffin Control Agents
  • Proppants
  • Surfactants
  • Water Gellant Breakers
  • Water GellantCrosslinkers
  • Water Gellant Extenders
  • Water Gellants


Oil Well Acidizing Additives

Acid treatments have been applied to wells in oil and gas bearing rock formations for many years. Acidizing is probably the most widely used work over and stimulation practice in the oil industry today.

By dissolving acid soluble components within underground rock formations, or removing material at the wellbore face, the rate of flow of oil or gas out of production wells or the rate of flow of oil-displacing fluids into injection wells may be increased.

Chemteck Acidizing additives offer an assortment of products that modify the acidizing fluid properties to allow pumping service companies to design a stimulation treatment fluid for each individual well program.


Functions of the Oil & Gas acidizing additives include:

  • Anti-sludge
  • Acid Retarders
  • Asphaltene Control
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Wetting Agents
  • Acid foaming agents
  • Mutual solvents
  • Iron control/chelating agent
  • Reducing agents
  • Non-emulsifiers
  • H2S scavengers

Production Treating Additive

Chemteck Production Treating Additive provide quality products, designed specifically for our customer’s field requirements. Our chemicals are utilized specifically to provide an economical cost effective solution to allow increases in productivity, cost reductions and HS&E benefits to our clients. Chemteck employs a variety of chemical products used in enhancing the production of oil and gas and alleviating problems common within the treatment of oil and gas.

Chemteck production treating Additive fall in to the following wide-ranging categories:

  • Acids
  • Biocides
  • Carbon Dioxide Scavengers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Defoamers
  • Demulsifiers
  • Flow-Enhancement Chemicals
  • Foamers
  • Hydrate Inhibitors
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Paraffin Dispersants
  • Paraffin Inhibitors
  • Salt Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Surfactants
  • Solvents
  • Water Clarifiers

Drilling Fluid Additives

Drilling fluids are defined as the fluid used to lubricate the drill string, line the well bore, flush drill cuttings to the surface and create enough hydrostatic weight to prevent blowouts. Composition of a drilling fluid can be catagorized into

  • Water-based
  • Brine-based
  • Oil-based
  • Synthetic-based

The mud cools the rapidly rotating bit; lubricates the drill pipe as it turns in the wellbore; carries drill cuttings to the surface; and serves as a plaster to prevent the wall of the borehole from crumbling or collapsing. It also provides the weight or hydrostatic head to prevent extraneous fluids from entering the wellbore and to control down hole pressures that may be encountered.

Chemteck drilling fluid additives include:

  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Sulfide Scavengers
  • Polymers & Viscosifiers
  • Foaming Agents
  • Defoamers
  • Clay/Shale Stabilizers
  • EPA Registered Biocides
  • Environmentally Safe Lubricants
  • Flocculants
  • Mud Thinners & Dispersants
  • Lost Circulation
  • Weighting Material
  • Fluid Loss Reducer
  • Alkalinity Control

Chemteck Mining / Mineral Additives 

Chemteck offers unique chemical solutions to optimize our Mining / Mineral Processing customers operations and reduce their costs. Along with our applications experts and extensive R&D network, we can customize unique solutions for your processing challenges.


Our wide range of products, available for numerous applications, include:

  • Antiscalants
  • Coagulants
  • Defoamers
  • Dispersants
  • Binders
  • Biocides
  • Filtration Aids
  • Flocculants
  • Peroxides
  • Rheology Modifiers


Industrial Water Treatment Additives

From feedwater to wastewater reuse and disposal, Chemteck Industrial Water treatment products help you reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and protect your valuable equipment. Our offerings include: boiler chemicals, cooling chemicals, water and wastewater treatment chemicals, membrane (RO) chemicals, We back our treatment chemicals with vast field experience and deep knowledge of how every treatment will affect your process. Our people will apply the right chemical solutions to help you deliver the maximum reliability and performance.


  • Algaecides
  • Antifoams
  • Biocides
  • Boiler water chemicals
  • Coagulants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Disinfectants
  • Flocculants
  • Neutralizing agents
  • Oxidants
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • pH conditioners
  • Resin cleaners